And There Was I, An Encounter With Munches & Burps.

7TH OF DECEMBER, the first Sunday of the Advent comes with its best celebrated from up above with all the angels in praises welcoming the newly baptized Theo Alexander Icasas, my new “inaanak” (godchild). My gratefulness to my “kumpare” Thirdie Icasas for letting me perform the responsibilities of the second father and an obligation to his first son.

Anyway, Advent is an important season observed in many Christian churches. It is the season in the Christian year that lasts for about four weeks and begins four Sunday before Christmas and ends on the Christmas Eve. Advent is a time of expectant waiting and solemn preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of our saviour Lord Jesus Christ at Christmas, and in the anglicized version of the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming”.

Thus, I am so proud and grateful to pareng Thirdie for getting me as one of the God parents of his first child Theo Alexander, together with film actress Roxanne Guinoo Yap and her husband Elton Yap who is now my kumpare as well. And there was the merriment in the coming, a celebration of life happened at the Sanctuario de San Jose Parish located in East Greenhills in San Juan and all the way down to Gloria Maris located at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center.

And everything else is a celebration of munches and burps. Nonetheless, welcome to the Christian World, my inaanak, Theo Alexander!