From the beginning we knew, we wanted the best. The “oooohs” and “aahhs” that evening do not compare to how much we appreciate your work.Thank you for making our wedding truly meaningful and thank you for leaving us with outstanding reminders of our special day.Love and Prayers,


We can’t thank you enough for making us feel really comfortable during our shoot… and for taking such great photos of us!We hope you were not too tired on your flight home… :-)Looking forward to our next photo session.. See you in November!

Lito, the work you do is just PHENOMENAL! Thank you for taking the time to show your clients (and now forever friends) that you truly do care and it’s not just about the money and bahala na. You really do take great pride in what you do…and for that, we are forever grateful!!!Praying that you’re well.


Dear Lito,Thank you so much!If we were to use just one word to describe your work, that word is SPECTACULAR!We are absolutely beside ourselves with joy about the magnificent productyou have given us.We will guve glowing recommendations to all of our relatives, friends and acquaintances about your amazing artistry.With loving regards.