And There Goes The Drama Of The Light

PHOTOGRAPHY is all about the light and its dramatic sensitivity. We all know that photography derived from the Greek words phōtos and graphos, the light and representation of drawing, together meaning drawing with the light.

You have to find the great light first, because the quality and drama of light is so much important and vital in every concept of your subject. Essentially, if the light is great, a great subject follows consequently. But sometimes in creating your images, a nice subject concept pop out in your head, lights are unsatisfactory. Hence, try to innovate and create your own light in a very dramatic ways. In short, it’s all about the light. Once you get on that ideas, everything else falls into places. Thus, photography will never be that far beyond yonder without its light and drama.

Anyway, keep on looking for that great light or perhaps try to experiment more of the given source and the artificial lighting when making a difference in any genre of your photography.


It was during the Yeo and Dy Wedding at the Marriot’s Manila Hotel , I did captured the best of the lighting and its drama using my Fujifilm cameras, the X-T1 graphite, and I think the best camera ever in capturing great movement and behaviour of the light. Shown here are some of the shining moment of Tim & Hazel wedding coordinated by Eugene & Vangie Go of Wedding Treasures, hair and make up done by Cherry Pacheco, more of it can be viewed at the

Anyway, congratulations to the newest couple and more great lighting moments ahead with my X-T1 Fujifilm.

Smilin’ With My Happy Feet.

Smilin' With My Happy Feet

Smilin’ With My Happy Feet

“My kind of happy socks.”

OF what I really love to do after every session of my wedding and every engaging shoot, I mean always love to do, is to enjoy every minutes of the break, be it a coffee break or perhaps a make-over break for an hour or a half. I simply take some rest to look good before the session begins, again.

Pampering with self is among the very first in my priority list, everytime there’s a break in between wedding photo sessions. I just lay back, off with my leather shoes, sometimes, I’ll take some minutes of nap or perhaps, I’ll get my phone and get online and slide into an instagram (an online photo sharing on phone) for some posting. Thus, it makes me feel relax and feels just fine and alright after hours of session.

Pampering self with shoes out while munching nuggets.

After a minute of energizing self and stressing out, I’d really love to munch some chicken crispy nuggets with it’s sweetened and light sour sauce that is tinglin’ in the mouth.


And yes, it makes me feel alive again and energized, ready again for hours and hours of wedding photo coverage. Come face-to-face again with clients in a new revitalized in full vibrant and in dynamic mode, this time it was with the Yeo and Dy Wedding at the Marriot’s Manila Hotel and with my Fujifilm cameras, the X-T1 graphite and now with my new Fujifilm Nano-G1 50-140mm F2.8 XF Lens with 5 stops image stabilizer.

And yes definitely, you will be amazed also with the sharpness of the images it produces. Besides the cameras are lightweight and compact and has wi-fi capabilities, really a good help for us photographers shifting into mirror-less cameras and enjoying it.

Moreover, before we begin another hours of session again with my X-T1 graphite (and now with Fujifilm Nano-G1), I need to drink a cup or two of my favorite cappuccino, that foamy and invigorating.