Starting 2015 With A Bang At The PPAC In Hong Kong


KOWLOON, HONG KONGABSOLUTELY, of what makes this year 2015, great Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, and another great year for me, (and wishing to all of us) sealed with another boom and bang was the recent success of the Professional Photographers Asia Conference held at the Pentahotel in KowloonHong Kong.

Together with International Master Photographers like Brian Smith, Zabrina Deng, Jeremy Chan, Jose Luis Guardia Vasquez & JLuis Guardia, Bevis Chu, Philip Tsang, as well as with Joao Venture, the Professional Photographer Asia Conference, one of the most important event in the industry that focuses on the creative and technical aspects of wedding and portrait photography and as well as in the field of filmmaking for professional and aspiring photographers spotted another milieu of success.


And it was, really a great honor, sharing our most acclaimed award winning photography works and mentoring the big, big world of overseas wedding photography in an intimate hands on environment, teaching how today’s growing aspiring photographers how to create stunning images from the camera.

Of course, our gratefulness to Miss Alison Chang for inviting us to be part of the success and memorably, become one of the speakers together with such great masters, influential photographers in Asia and celebrity photographers whose primary aim is to inspires and provides professional photographers on absolute creative composition, creating award winning images, portfolio building and summing up with ultimate greatness in post production as they go venturing such journey to success conquering all the elements of challenges both in photography and filmmaking.


Anyhow, it was really an inspiring moment of success, and memorable ones attributed during my stay in Hong Kong with such warm welcome and such fun having with Luis dela Guardia Vasquez and his father on the first day, Muchas Gracias, Senor!

And all it was…there was I with such claim of honor and greatness with my X30 and XT1 Fujifilm cameras at the recently successful Professional Photographer Asia Conference.

And Yes, Definitely It Was A Best 2014 After All!

WRITE it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

AS the new year is fast approaching, as we welcome a new year that will stand before us, once again, like a chapter in any great book waiting to be written and make known, we can help but to bring to mind those wonderful memories we all unintentionally written and told. At the same time, as we are about to face again a new year of challenges, hopes, new questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of happiness and self-discovery and learnings, and yes, of course, our life story setting another new goals and pages of our own chapters.

With all the people and places we come to agreement with so much excitement and delight in every work entrusted before our artistic ability and experiences learned and coveted. Most of all, with all the people whom came and shaped all the goodness this year successfully showered, we owe you a lot of overwhelming gratefulness and for making each and everyone part of my life’s own chapter. To all men and women who were always standing at our sides, together honing and creating more vividness in our own shades and weaknesses, we owe you lots of prayers for always keeping the humility in our own indefatigable journeys of life and its sacrifices.

May the unfolding new year bring us all together again for yet another best of its best year to offer as we all embrace the goodness of what we so-called life. After all 2014 showered the best life for all of us.

May the coming of a new year comes with yet a fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written.  As we carve out a quiet interlude for ourself in which to dream and look back those memories, may all the greatness this year 2015 gives birth not only to a change but a new life to fondle.

And there was life…most celebrated with our own images and words.

One Spectacular Wedding Gala Night


ABSOLUTELY and definitely not maybe, it was the most spectacular and breathtaking Friday night to wind-up this year’s engagament in wedding photography at Manila Polo Club located at McKinley Road, Forbes Park in Makati City.

Almost close in celebrating the coming new year, Brian and Cheryl decided to vowed each other’s perpetual love beforehand with such amazing fireworks best seen during the celebration of the new year instantly prompting the festive and remarkable merriment the new life brings as the fast approaching new year upholds.

It was really a one astounding wedding engagement so amazing not only to be shared but to remember for the rest of our lives, capturing every great moments using of course my ever reliable Fujifilm XT1 with 10-24mm F4 Fujinon lens, a one momentous wedding ceremony ever. Nevertheless, as we all wait for the coming 2015, let me be the very first to congratulate in best wishes and greet the wonderful couple, a very Happy New Year in advance to the newly weds Brian & Cheryl.

There’s Something Cool About Slurping Taho


COMMON sight in the Philippine streets. A magtataho, (or street taho vendorcarries two large aluminum buckets that hang from each end of a yoke. The larger bucket carries the taho (tofu) base; the smaller bucket holds the arnibal (sweetener and flavoring) and sago (similar to tapioca pearls). A taho is a Tagalog name for a Philippine snack food or local dessert made of fresh soft and silken tofu sweetened with arnibal, the sweetener and flavoring, with sago pearl and can be found all over the country.

In Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, taho are made of sweet strawberry flavoring, wherein strawberry syrup is used instead of arnibal, which is one of among my really favorite and is best enjoyed either with sipping it with a straw, or by simply slurping it straight from the cup, as simple and as cool as that.

Moreoever, I bet, every single child in the Philippines have already slurped taho be it in strawberry, and other varieties like in chocolate and buko pandan flavoring, for it is prevalent and can be found in every corner of the Philippine streets. Thus, when at the recent wedding engagement I attended, particularly with the Ngosiok and Saldua Wedding at the San Agustin Church located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros in Manila, wherein the couple offers an unlimited taho slurping, among with the unlimited fishball tuhog (pierced together) for their friends and guests who were present during the special moment of their church wedding. 


It was really among the emotional wedding engagement I worked with and really a very cool and down-to-earth sight, but definitely, no unlimited fishball and taho at the reception, wherein the guests and couple’s entourage enjoyed a sumptous meal prepared at the Grand Sunset Pavillion of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila located at the CCP Complex in Roxas Boulevard.

Anyway, it was really something cool slurping again sweet taho and munching fishball with a dip of bit chili-hot to sweet and sour sauce, a memoirs of my childhood street days, really missed those fun with real great friends, thanks anyway to Fredrich & Natasha who vowed to be with each other forever and got emotional too during the groom’s speech. True love really makes a difference. Nevertheless, I did enjoyed it all over again, the unlimited way.

Thanks to i-Mag Photography Magazine



“Learn how Lito Sy maintains to be wedding photography’s top dog.”

OUR gratefulness to the editorial staff and management of the photography magazine that features articles written by professionals and conveys upright technical information that are really digestive and useful when it comes to learning digital photography.

Thus, we are so thankful for i-Mag Magazine for their latest issue #46 for featuring us using Fujifilm XT-1.  Friends and everyone who keep on supporting and continue liking all of my works you can grab a copy now.

And There Was Happiness At The Manila Polo Club.


Reframing the lighter side of life. Where happiness happens at the Manila Polo Club.

What I really like about life is spending it with happy friends and great colleagues. Now that Christmas, time of merrying and festive celebration is all around the corner, I enjoy life more with happy moments and yes, those wacky images. Time to rekindle life a much more lighter that I should.

It was really fun and exciting meeting back again my team at the Manila Polo Club. Fine dining with lots of stories delivered and told, stories that beget loving memories. Drinking with merriment and enthralled with every words and images that came forth for such a great bonding moments, fondling it more to embrace those extra adoring experiences, more of it like a celebration of life.

Altering my point of view, now I remember what Pres. John F. Kennedy charged the Americans with the words “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Encouraging all of us to rethink our rights and obligations.

Thus, for the lighter side, I mean for the brighter side of life, why not asking again each and everyone of us, “Ask not what your happiness can do for you, ask what you can do for your happiness.” To make things better and enjoy more of what we called…happy life.

And there goes again my happy feet at the Manila Polo Club with great friends and acquaintances, and there was I…there was life!

Words & Images Of Lito Sy

“Thus, I started to instruct my images into words. I try to remember everything but not that much, maybe some enough to come to share my life over with. I come to push myself as well as the industry to be a better place in hailing the fine art of photography, and so my own self, as a photographer, an artist, and perhaps, a storyteller.” – Lito Sy, Fujifilm Ambassador.

Smilin’ With My Happy Feet.

Smilin' With My Happy Feet

Smilin’ With My Happy Feet

“My kind of happy socks.”

OF what I really love to do after every session of my wedding and every engaging shoot, I mean always love to do, is to enjoy every minutes of the break, be it a coffee break or perhaps a make-over break for an hour or a half. I simply take some rest to look good before the session begins, again.

Pampering with self is among the very first in my priority list, everytime there’s a break in between wedding photo sessions. I just lay back, off with my leather shoes, sometimes, I’ll take some minutes of nap or perhaps, I’ll get my phone and get online and slide into an instagram (an online photo sharing on phone) for some posting. Thus, it makes me feel relax and feels just fine and alright after hours of session.

Pampering self with shoes out while munching nuggets.

After a minute of energizing self and stressing out, I’d really love to munch some chicken crispy nuggets with it’s sweetened and light sour sauce that is tinglin’ in the mouth.


And yes, it makes me feel alive again and energized, ready again for hours and hours of wedding photo coverage. Come face-to-face again with clients in a new revitalized in full vibrant and in dynamic mode, this time it was with the Yeo and Dy Wedding at the Marriot’s Manila Hotel and with my Fujifilm cameras, the X-T1 graphite and now with my new Fujifilm Nano-G1 50-140mm F2.8 XF Lens with 5 stops image stabilizer.

And yes definitely, you will be amazed also with the sharpness of the images it produces. Besides the cameras are lightweight and compact and has wi-fi capabilities, really a good help for us photographers shifting into mirror-less cameras and enjoying it.

Moreover, before we begin another hours of session again with my X-T1 graphite (and now with Fujifilm Nano-G1), I need to drink a cup or two of my favorite cappuccino, that foamy and invigorating.