Eden Found At The Heart Of The Most Discipline City

A lovely pre-nuptial couple photoshoot in Eden Nature Park & Resort with with Fujifilm XT1 camera.

McARTHUR HIGHWAY, Matina, Davao City – Hailed as the “Most Discipline City”, kudos to Hon. Mayor Rodrigo DuterteDavao is home to the famous Mount Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines where nature lovers as well as adventurers usually plan a trek or a hike not just only for some fun and excitement but as well as for appreciating the wonders of nature. Davao City is also known as the “Durian Capital” of the Philippines. Though Durian is distinctive for its strong odour and having formidable thorn-covered husk, it is highly regarded by many people, most specially in Southeast Asia as the “King of Fruits” because of its very pleasant to taste.

Davao is the fourth most populous city in the Philippines, it become more popular because of the mountain resort wherein tourists enjoys it providing view of Davao City and Davao Gulf. It was in the early 70’s, the resort was discovered wherein the area was totally covered with only blanket of thick and tall wild grass.

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And There Was Paradise Called Balesin

One fine day of a cool relaxation at the Balesin Island Resort

POLILLO, Quezon Province – If you are looking for an unequaled natural beauty of a paradise found only here at the local shore and within your reach, then your next destination will goin’ to be at the exactly 21 kilometers southeast of Polillo Island, in Quezon Province. Located off the Eastern Coast of Luzon and just 60 nautical miles east of Manila, you can really enjoy the wondrous paradise found only in Balesin Island at the quick of 25-30 minute plane ride away from Manila.

Balesin is a 500 hectare tropical island with 7.3 kilometres of pristine white crystal-clear water beaches developed by Alphaland Corporation, you can enjoy the different themed villages only found at the Balesin Island Club, hailed by the media as “seven countries in one island“, wherein members-only policy are in mean restriction.

Among the themed villages found and developed at the Balesin Island Club are the likes of Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand, Mykonos in Greece, St. Tropez in France, Costa del Sol in Spain, Toscana in Italy and our very own lovely island, the Balesin. All in all, the themed villages are exactly a replica designed to look, taste and feel like you are in the country with its wonderful architectural designs from interior to landscaping up to the variety of impressive prepared food almost exactly recreated and reproduced.

Getting ready for another great images in Balesin Island Resort with my ever reliable working companion, the Fujifilm XT1 56mm f1.2 APD.

It was really a fun and exciting debut photoshoot at the Balesin Island Club wherein “Around the World” concept was detailed with my ever reliable working companion, the Fujifilm XT1 56mm f1.2 APD, making each shot looks like a real thing.

Nonetheless, it was really a one-of-a-kind debut photoshoot, another work and pleasure at the paradise called Balesin, luckily… there was I at the island.

Starting 2015 With A Bang At The PPAC In Hong Kong


KOWLOON, HONG KONGABSOLUTELY, of what makes this year 2015, great Year of the Green Wooden Sheep, and another great year for me, (and wishing to all of us) sealed with another boom and bang was the recent success of the Professional Photographers Asia Conference held at the Pentahotel in KowloonHong Kong.

Together with International Master Photographers like Brian Smith, Zabrina Deng, Jeremy Chan, Jose Luis Guardia Vasquez & JLuis Guardia, Bevis Chu, Philip Tsang, as well as with Joao Venture, the Professional Photographer Asia Conference, one of the most important event in the industry that focuses on the creative and technical aspects of wedding and portrait photography and as well as in the field of filmmaking for professional and aspiring photographers spotted another milieu of success.


And it was, really a great honor, sharing our most acclaimed award winning photography works and mentoring the big, big world of overseas wedding photography in an intimate hands on environment, teaching how today’s growing aspiring photographers how to create stunning images from the camera.

Of course, our gratefulness to Miss Alison Chang for inviting us to be part of the success and memorably, become one of the speakers together with such great masters, influential photographers in Asia and celebrity photographers whose primary aim is to inspires and provides professional photographers on absolute creative composition, creating award winning images, portfolio building and summing up with ultimate greatness in post production as they go venturing such journey to success conquering all the elements of challenges both in photography and filmmaking.


Anyhow, it was really an inspiring moment of success, and memorable ones attributed during my stay in Hong Kong with such warm welcome and such fun having with Luis dela Guardia Vasquez and his father on the first day, Muchas Gracias, Senor!

And all it was…there was I with such claim of honor and greatness with my X30 and XT1 Fujifilm cameras at the recently successful Professional Photographer Asia Conference.

One Spectacular Wedding Gala Night


ABSOLUTELY and definitely not maybe, it was the most spectacular and breathtaking Friday night to wind-up this year’s engagament in wedding photography at Manila Polo Club located at McKinley Road, Forbes Park in Makati City.

Almost close in celebrating the coming new year, Brian and Cheryl decided to vowed each other’s perpetual love beforehand with such amazing fireworks best seen during the celebration of the new year instantly prompting the festive and remarkable merriment the new life brings as the fast approaching new year upholds.

It was really a one astounding wedding engagement so amazing not only to be shared but to remember for the rest of our lives, capturing every great moments using of course my ever reliable Fujifilm XT1 with 10-24mm F4 Fujinon lens, a one momentous wedding ceremony ever. Nevertheless, as we all wait for the coming 2015, let me be the very first to congratulate in best wishes and greet the wonderful couple, a very Happy New Year in advance to the newly weds Brian & Cheryl.

And There Goes The Drama Of The Light

PHOTOGRAPHY is all about the light and its dramatic sensitivity. We all know that photography derived from the Greek words phōtos and graphos, the light and representation of drawing, together meaning drawing with the light.

You have to find the great light first, because the quality and drama of light is so much important and vital in every concept of your subject. Essentially, if the light is great, a great subject follows consequently. But sometimes in creating your images, a nice subject concept pop out in your head, lights are unsatisfactory. Hence, try to innovate and create your own light in a very dramatic ways. In short, it’s all about the light. Once you get on that ideas, everything else falls into places. Thus, photography will never be that far beyond yonder without its light and drama.

Anyway, keep on looking for that great light or perhaps try to experiment more of the given source and the artificial lighting when making a difference in any genre of your photography.


It was during the Yeo and Dy Wedding at the Marriot’s Manila Hotel , I did captured the best of the lighting and its drama using my Fujifilm cameras, the X-T1 graphite, and I think the best camera ever in capturing great movement and behaviour of the light. Shown here are some of the shining moment of Tim & Hazel wedding coordinated by Eugene & Vangie Go of Wedding Treasures, hair and make up done by Cherry Pacheco, more of it can be viewed at the

Anyway, congratulations to the newest couple and more great lighting moments ahead with my X-T1 Fujifilm.

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OUR gratefulness to the editorial staff and management of the photography magazine that features articles written by professionals and conveys upright technical information that are really digestive and useful when it comes to learning digital photography.

Thus, we are so thankful for i-Mag Magazine for their latest issue #46 for featuring us using Fujifilm XT-1.  Friends and everyone who keep on supporting and continue liking all of my works you can grab a copy now.