Surviving The Heat & The Waves At The Fortune Island

Surviving the heat and the waves from Fortune Island engagement session.

NASUGBU, Batangas IT was really an adventurous pre-nuptial photoshoot at Nasugbu, Batangas, wherein we survived the treacherous waves going in and out of the island, forcing us to leave the wonderful Fortune Island by 3pm or perhaps to the extent of not staying there by late afternoon of 4pm, or else mammothed waves will caught you stranded at the island where heat is formidable (so, you need to bring extra protection like lotion, sunscreen, shades and among others), really a disturbing heat.

But it doesn’t get in our great images with my ever reliable Fujifilm XT1 with 10-24mm f4 lens at high noon engagement session with couple Sherman and Reina, and the additional help from Phottix Atlas 2, with an extremely surprising and really impressive creations by Francis Libiran gowns in such a way brings out more of the Greek-inspired structures Acropolis in Athens with its pristine beach of semi-fine white sand and of course its turquoise water, making Fortune Island a wonderful resort and an exciting place of photography engagementand of course, making our pre-nuptial photoshoot really a remarkable and inspiring one as we all hike to the lighthouse for a wonderful sight-seeing.

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