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One Spectacular Wedding Gala Night

ABSOLUTELY and definitely not maybe, it was the most spectacular and breathtaking Friday night to wind-up this year’s engagament in wedding photography at Manila Polo Club located at McKinley Road, Forbes Park in Makati City. Almost close in celebrating the coming new year, Brian and Cheryl decided to vowed each other’s perpetual love beforehand with such amazing fireworks best seen during the celebration of the […]

And There Goes The Drama Of The Light

PHOTOGRAPHY is all about the light and its dramatic sensitivity. We all know that photography derived from the Greek words phōtos and graphos, the light and representation of drawing, together meaning drawing with the light. You have to find the great light first, because the quality and drama of light is so much important and vital in every concept of your subject. Essentially, if the […]

Thanks to i-Mag Photography Magazine

  “Learn how Lito Sy maintains to be wedding photography’s top dog.” OUR gratefulness to the editorial staff and management of the photography magazine that features articles written by professionals and conveys upright technical information that are really digestive and useful when it comes to learning digital photography. Thus, we are so thankful for i-Mag Magazine […]

And There Was I, An Encounter With Munches & Burps.

7TH OF DECEMBER, the first Sunday of the Advent comes with its best celebrated from up above with all the angels in praises welcoming the newly baptized Theo Alexander Icasas, my new “inaanak” (godchild). My gratefulness to my “kumpare” Thirdie Icasas for letting me perform the responsibilities of the second father and an obligation to his first son. […]

Treat Me Like A Happy Boss

COME hell high water or up noon shine heat, amidst typhoon signals or delayed come storm, nothing really compares to a great foot massage after hours and hours of standing while engaging into another wedding photography session. This time around was with the Ngosiok and Saldua Wedding at the Grand Sunset Pavillion of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila located at […]

Words & Images of Lito Sy

“While everybody else is so busy doin’ their thing, I’m busy doing everything with my thing – the Fujifilm XT1 Graphite Silver Edition, an addition to my existing XT1 mirrorless camera. And I’m so pleased with my thing’s nice and easy performances everytime I used it in all of my wedding sessions and other shooting […]

Words & Images Of Lito Sy

“Thus, I started to instruct my images into words. I try to remember everything but not that much, maybe some enough to come to share my life over with. I come to push myself as well as the industry to be a better place in hailing the fine art of photography, and so my own […]